Tuesday, December 4, 2012

'Tis the Season...

It has been nearly a year since I last "talked" with you. Too Long! My excuse is that it's been a very busy year for me. I have finally settled on my own farm/homestead again and setting it up (from scratch) is a very big job. As I'm sure most of you can attest. At this festive time of year, I wanted to touch base and wish you all the very best of the season, of friends and family, but most of all of the joy and satisfaction of a life beyond the sidewalk!

And if I may, let me offer you all a little marketing pep talk. We have all been dealing with the sluggish economy. As a teacher of marketing principles for rural entrepreneurs you could expect me to say that it's more important now than ever. But in practical terms, what small thing can you do this day, week or month that can improve your economic outlook for the coming year?

Let's look at what's in keeping with the idealism and philosophy of the season--especially the quality of generosity and giving.
You probably have contact information for many people who have bought animals or products from you, and perhaps even some who have just visited or called with some interest. Ask yourself what you can do for them. Separate into categories if you've been blessed with lots of contacts. Consider your budget of both time and money. What makes sense for your farm?

You may just want to send a card. Not so much the commercial variety that we've all gotten from various businesses, but a really personal note or letter or coupon or little gift that says you're really thinking about them. Match the contact with appropriate effort and cost, but there are ways to let people know that you send good wishes--and also keep them reminded of your farm & business and what you provide.

For good customers of the last year, people who have bought an animal or contributed to your economic bottom line, a more substantial gift may be in order. You decide. Are you selling breeding stock?? Then you also are in a position to mentor your customers for their future success. What item or information can you give to let them know you are invested in their future and want to insure their success? What gift can say thanks, and we appreciate you?

Gift giving--doing something nice for someone--especially when it's unexpected--makes them feel good, and makes you feel good. But the surprising thing the research shows is that it also makes observers feel good. That conclusion is based on measuring serotonin levels by blood test from the giver, the receiver and those just looking on. Hey, Folks! That a tripple whammy of feeling good and it is also good for your farm business as well! Not many places you can get that much bang for your buck!

So, with the above information in mind, I'm adding a little gift of my own to you. Should any of you want a copy of any of my books for yourselves or for your customers, I'm deducting all shipping costs for the next week--Til Dec 11.
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...consider this newsletter/blog post your coupon for free shipping from Beyond the Sidewalk.com! And have a wonderful December and a profitable new year! I promise to get more articles to you in 2013.

Very best wishes for your good marketing and profitable rural business!

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