Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tis the Season, Part II

This time of year is about many good and traditional feelings and ideas.  Gift giving is part of the tradition, of course.  And tho some gifts are a reflection only of the ego of the giver, the memorable ones truly are about the receiver.  So when you create or buy or invent a gift for someone that tells them you understand who they are, it's even more thoroughly appreciated, cherished and remembered.

When you market like that, you will get a similar response from potential customers.  Ultimately this is the essence of the golden rule!  It's about getting out of our own heads and putting someone else in first place.  I can talk (and I have) about this idea in many ways.  How it's like fishing--putting worms on the hook, not bananas that you like.  How good marketing translates from your own ego to the ego of the person you're talking to.  How good marketing is like giving hope to your customers.  But maybe this first principle (and most important one) is really nothing more than applying the golden rule.

Are you the kind of marketer who is like the husband who gives his wife a table saw for Christmas?  Do you talk about yourself and your stuff?  Or are you the kind of marketer who takes the time and effort to understand what the customer really wants in his life (security, ease, beauty, family fun, comfort, better health, more love, etc.) and then tells him how your product will help him get there.  Then you're like the husband who gives his wife something for which she has longed and hoped.

Remember the golden rule--in this hoiliday season, but also in your marketing!

See you next year! And a very merry and bright December!

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