Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to Ask for the Money

Many people I talk to at seminars tell me they have trouble asking for money.  For those of you who do,   I’d like to suggest that you consider the question of value.  Especially your own.  You have put time, effort and resources into creating or producing the products you have for sale.  It’s a fair trade of your time, effort and resources for customers to give you something of equal value.  In this case, it’s money.   

Be aware of your value and look at this sales exchange of your value for something of value from the customer as the most logical and fair of all processes.  You deserve logical and fair.  If it’s still uncomfortable to ask for money, try this little exercise.  Stand in front of a mirror for five minutes in the morning (or evening) and just practice asking an imaginary customer for money.  If you have 10 items on your farm or in your shop that have different prices, go through them one by one.  “That will be $10.”  “That will be $31.99.”  “That will be $350.”  “That will be $1500.”  Look yourself in the eye, just as you would look the customer in the eye, and practice every day till it becomes easy and comfortable.  But especially remember that you are worth the exchange. 

Actually asking for money is not the only way to get paid.  There are thousands of ways to close a deal.  Here’s a list I like, but you can invent your own.  These are a way to cue the customer that it’s time to BUY!  Try some of these in front of the mirror, too!  And if you come up with some good ones of your own, share them with me and others who read this!

Now that you’ve looked at all these ______________, which do you think fits your needs best?
If I can fit it into your budget, are you ready to put down a deposit?
Shall we put her in your truck?
Would you like to get the two today and think about the third for next month?
Which wrapping paper would you like?
Would you like it wrapped or just in a bag?
Will that be cash or plastic?
Would you like a herd sire to go with your girls?
That will be $29.95.
Where would you like me to send the registrations papers?
If I have it in your color, are you ready to take it home today?
If we will deliver her for you, is she the one you want?
Do you think she’ll be fun to look at (work with, take to the shows, etc)  in YOUR herd?
When would you like that to arrive?


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