Monday, February 7, 2011

What Exactly Does it Take to Reach Customers?

The simple answer is, “Something different!” And yes, today I'm asking to you take a big leap!

In a world where your potential customer is bombarded with too much information, you cannot present the same ol’, same ol’ and expect him or her to notice. the research suggests the person you want to reach gets 3000 marketing messages every day. How many do you suppose he actually pays attention to?

Did you know that 80% of selling happens in the headline? Maybe more--because if you don't get him to read or see your headline, he's lost to you! It doesn't matter that your headline is written, a picture or spoken. It’s your chance to capture attention or lose it! How to do that effectively is the essence of good marketing. There isn’t just one way to do it, either. If I were coaching a room full of 25 people, we could conceivably come up with hundreds of really unique, exciting ways to be different and catch attention--even with the same product!

First of all--If you have a product that you love, if you are passionate about your product and your lifestyle, that’s a starting point. Your passion and excitement is contagious! If you are not excited about it, maybe you are in the wrong business...

Second of all—Spend some of yourself, your creativity, in discovering an approach that’s not ho-hum, just like everyone else out there with a similar product. And it doesn’t matter if your product is an animal, a craft item, a service or an idea.

You have a core of creativity. Some use it more consciously than others, but everyone is creative deep down. Take some time to think about your product in new ways. You are not limited. It might take some time jotting down ideas that are not normally connected to your thing. It might take some brainstorming with your family or staff. It might take a trip to the library or a tour of a factory, a culture or an event to shake up your ideas. You are not limited. Maybe you’ll need to do some market research. I can’t say what it will take to shake out your creativity, to come up with something that is different. But I know it’s in you.

Want an example? Here’s one that I think embodies the ultimate in doing something different. And I for one will never think of bottled water again without remembering this video and Evian water.

Be different and be memorable.

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