Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do you find you can't get everything done?

I know, there's never enough time to get to everything! Marketing is one of the things that takes some of your time. In other articles I've talked about setting goals (see Jan 26 blog post). It's a good way to start for it helps you prioritize and stay consistent.

But a recent article I read about getting things done is another reminder and I want to share it with you.

You are a "pro" at your business. If it is a business (not just a hobby) you are the pro that makes it profitable. Hunker down. It's your job. I hope that you love your job because it makes your rural lifestyle feasible.

Marketing is challenging to most people. But like any skill, when you are clear on what needs to be done, when you practice, when you hunker down and do it, your performance improves, your selling ability improves, and your customers get what they want, too!

Watch as we examine marketing skills and ideas. Practice, do the work, reap the rewards!

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