Friday, April 19, 2013

The Three Legs of Business

Like a three-legged milking stool, for stability on any surface (business conditions) three 'legs' are the factor that makes it stable.  In business those 'legs' are Product, Financials and Marketing.  Without a good product and adequate financial health (capital, record-keeping, projections) it clear your business will fail.  But without that third 'leg' of marketing, it also will fail. 

What do I mean by marketing?  Broadly, it is any activity that connects you and the user of your product for the mutual benefit of you both!

I will give some examples of marketing activities below, but first I want to remind you that marketing takes your time and effort.  Just as raising a good animal or producing a good product takes your time and creativity, marketing does too.  So ask yourself--

"How much time did I spend this week on any of the activities below?"
Planning marketing activities for the weeks and months ahead
Writing ads that put the customer first
Editing those ads for too many words, big words, not enough white space, putting yourself and your stuff first
Finding new places to put your message
Writing press releases that entertain and entice
Planning or executing events at your farm or elsewhere
Contacting customers with thank you's or just checking in
Practicing some dialogue that persuades
Giving a presentation to potential customers
Reciting your elevator speech to new folks
Thinking about the words you use and the 'flavor' the give your message
These and many more strategies will increase sales.  I can teach them to you.  That's the easy part.  My books are full of this stuff.  But you have to spend the time on them.  Marketing makes a huge difference.  If you do it!
Now ask yourself how much time you spent on the other two legs of business this week.  The more balanced your time on all three, the more success your business will give you!
If you are ready to learn the strategies and put them into practice, today's special is free shipping on the book, "Marketing Farm Products".  The special is good till midnight Sunday April 21, 2013 only!
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