Monday, February 14, 2011

Customers Need Love, too!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my readers! The subject of love gets a lot of press on this day, but I bet you rarely if ever think of it in terms of your customers. Let me suggest that you try it and see what happens.

Love involves seeing the best in someone. It means feeling you have things in common with them. It means wanting what’s good for them, not just for you. Love means making them feel special. It also involves a sense of appreciation for having them in your life.

Well it seems to me all those attributes are pretty much what good customer service involves, as well. In business we call it customer service. In your personal life we call it love. They are not that different.

How can you make your customers—present and future—feel special, know you appreciate them, find what’s best for them and find the common ground? Each of you reading this will have different answers, for your own creativity comes to bear. Just like in your personal life, your expressions of love have a wide array of manifestations. I can’t tell you what to say or do here. But I am reminding you to think of your customers with this idea of love behind it.

When you write an ad, when you prepare a flyer, when you talk on the phone, when you show them your animals or products, when you call just to let them know you wonder how they’re doing—show them love. It’s just another name for great customer service!

Oh, and by the way, it makes you stand out, be memorable and will mean more sales in your future!

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