Thursday, March 19, 2015

Marketing Your Services

Your headline catches or loses your potential customers.  You do that by who you're talking about in your headline.  Talk about yourself and your thing, customers say, "ho hum."  Talk about the customer and what's in it for him and he perks right up and pays attention.  So a brief post today with some examples of headlines for services that put the customer first, as promised in last post.  Note that I'm just using one possible benefit to the customer for each of these examples.  There are, no doubt, many more that could be important.  Know who you are targeting as customers.  Remember that headlines can also have a sub-headline that iterates the idea a bit more.

1.  Connie offers custom rug weaving from fibered rug yarn. 

Get a Foot-Friendly, Hand-Crafted Rug From Your Own Yarn!
Let Connie's Custom Rug Weaving Create Your Heirloom Rug

2.  Kathy provides riding therapy to children with disabilities

Your Special Child Blossoms Physically and Socially by Riding a Therapy Horse

3.  James teaches a class on bookkeeping for farmers

Easy Strategies to Keep the Numbers Straight for Your Farm

4.  John offers hoof trimming for the goat and sheep farmers in his state.

Save Your Back and the Feet of your Sheep and Goats
Keep them walking tall when John does your hoof trimming

5.  Christie (and Company) offer farm sitting and help with farm projects

Peace of Mind When You Can't be There
Whether it's your vacation or an emergency, we ensure the farm is safe while you're gone

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