Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More Ways to Use Stories About Your Farm

A much underused marketing idea for farmers is the short and interesting story.  I recently suggested you could use stories in your advertisements as a way to get people reading those ads.  Today I want to suggest that a press release is another place you can use stories.

Remember that a press release that's blatant advertising will be rejected with a suggestion to talk to the display advertising folks.  A press release however, can be a way to keep your name in the minds of potential customers.  Be entertaining, mention anything new at your farm, but spice it up with a story to entertain your readers.  Because no one HAS to read our promotions, you need to give them a reason to WANT to read it.

Stories are universally enjoyed.  And for most people, the interesting, weird, awesome or special happenings having to do with rural life and animals will always grab attention.  Sure, tell them you're having an event or expanding something, or bringing in new bloodlines, but then sweeten the pot with a fun story about something on your farm.

Start making a list somewhere when things happen or when you notice something out of the ordinary.  Even things that may seem ordinary to you could be interesting to someone else.  How good a story teller are you? 

Because editors (magazines, newspapers, online venues) are always looking for something to get readers reading (for that's how they sell advertising) they will be glad to publish your "story release".  Make it a regular part of your advertising.  You will generate good will and faithful readers--and some new customers, too!

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