Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Marketing Starts With a Decision...

Marketing starts with deciding what it's worth to you.  Some decide it's worth an hour a week.  Others decide it's worth a lot more time, both for learning the skills and in executing those skills.  There really isn't one right answer.  For the small farm that just wants a little extra income to help pay the feed bill, or the more business oriented farm that finds the barn or shop too full of unsold animals and products...It's a continuum! 

Where are you on that continuum?  What decision will you make about what it takes to reach your goals.  Oh, and speaking of goals, they need to be really specific--like with numbers--and have a deadline attached.  A goal might be the number of animals you'll sell by the end of the year.  Or it might be the amount of income you want to generate before taxes next year.  The difference between good ideas and goals that really work is the specificity and date of a goal.

Marketing is about making the dreams come true for your customers.  Marketing is NOT about high pressure sales, but about intuitive service to others.  The whole subject of marketing takes on new meaning when you look at it from your customer's perspecitive and set out to rock his world!

Let me know if I can help! has many articles and links and resources!  Make a decision today for your own success, by deciding how much time you'll invest in service to customers!  (Oh, yes, it serves, you, too!)

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