Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Key to Sales is Smarter Marketing—especially when the economy’s like this!

When America was high on the hog, marketing wasn’t such a big deal!
Buyers were not so hard to find. Now it is! What that means to the small farmer—especially you folks that raise alpacas-is you need to know a lot more about how to reach your potential customers!

So today I’m talking to alpaca owners. Tomorrow I will talk about some general avenues (for all farmers and crafters) that you may not yet have taken advantage of--some ideas for getting attention for your name and your product.

But if you have an alpaca farm, there is a powerful marketing tool—not yet available for other species, unfortunately. It is a place with a centralized data base and some of the most original marketing I have seen in rural America! It’s ALPACASTREET ( and if you are not yet a member, I’m wondering why not?

AlpacaStreet’s “Breeder Program Max” has some real plusses! It gets you more exposure, more potential contacts than anything else I’ve seen—with these great programs and more:

• Breeder marketing groups
• Stud club
• “ORGLE” (One Really Great LEase) that solves some problems for both sellers & buyers
• 1 Hour auction—innovative concept!
• one free month of a logo ad, too!

Dan makes it very easy to get your information moved onto Alpaca Street. If your alpacas are listed for sale on any other internet site, AS will load up to 20 of them for you at no additional charge! This includes a farm page and up to 20 alpaca listings. You sign up for Breeder Program MAX, and within 24 hours, your site is done and your logo ad is running!

Take a look at to see what members are saying about the prospects and sales they’re getting!

The cost for this “Breeder Program Max” is a very reasonable $150 for the whole year. But for the rest of the month of APRIL, when you join the Breeder Program Max, Dan’s also giving you a free copy of my book, “Economy Proofing Rural Business” (a $30 value) ! So that’s how I come into it, and if you’d like to see what my readers are saying, look at

In order to get the free book, you MUST put “Ellie’s Book” in the comments field when you join!

You can order the Breeder Program Max online by first registering here:

After registering, click the Join button on your “My Account” page to sign up for Breeder Program MAX. You can sign up by phone at 330.727.5334

Tomorrow I will cover some other ideas for marketing! Happy marketing!

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