Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is Your Service to Your Customers Memorable?

Jonathan Fields' blog this week was titled “Hire Heart”. It’s ostensibly about hiring good people with 'heart'—and that’s really important if you’re hiring staff. But in it, by way of example, he talks about a bad customer service experience he had. (see the article here

My point in this article is that customer service is what makes you memorable—either a good memory or a bad one! About a year ago, I told you about a great customer experience I had at a tire shop in this area called “Discount Tire.” In fact it was so good that today, the first time I’ve needed a tire place in a year, I went back. My new car has a light that comes on that tells me something’s wrong with tire pressure. Afraid I had a slow leak, I went back to Discount Tire!

Nope! All I had was low pressure in all the tires. Which they fixed–without any charge, reminded me to come back in 2500 more miles to get them rotated, and sent me on my way--remembering a really great experience.

I am impressed! That’s SERVICE in all caps! That’s memorable and remarkable and here I am telling you all about it, too. So if you have a Discount Tire in your neck of the woods, try them! You’ll be as impressed as I was. They will definitely continue to get my business even tho they’re a little further than other tire places.

Is there a lesson for you as a rural business owner? You Bet! Make your customers’ browsing, shopping and buying experience a remarkable, exceptional, amazing experience and go the extra mile with service. Surprise them with more than they expect! Make a good memory for them! It’s good marketing and it gets you positive word of mouth!

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