Sunday, March 6, 2011

Are You Someone Who Finds Marketing Difficult?

It’s true some people will find marketing a little easier than others. That’s about innate personality and comfort zones. But that’s like saying some people will find mathematics a little easier than others. Of course! But anyone can learn basic math skills in order to use them competently.

And anyone can learn basic marketing well enough to use it competently and by the same process that one learns math—a teacher and practice. That’s been my job for much of the last decade—showing rural entrepreneurs how the science of marketing isn’t so difficult. It can be learned —and that better marketing makes your business flourish!

Basic marketing consists of six really critical skills and they are the basis of the half-day seminars I teach.

1. Goal setting that makes things happen
2. How to be comfortable getting out of your comfort zone
3. Learn how to put the customers first—it catches their attention
4. Get a marketing plan that’s easy and actually works
5. Write ads that get customers excited: copywriting
6. Where to find new customers

If you understand those six steps of marketing—and practice them—you can improve your marketing (and your income) dramatically! These six steps are the first half of marketing—getting noticed and getting people to your farm!

There are more advanced marketing concepts, too, that can really help make your business grow. In my books, and when I teach an all day seminar, we cover many of them. Most are about the actual selling process. But the ones I’ve listed above are the bedrock of a good marketing start.

It’s still a new year! It’s an improving economy! Make a point to commit to learning better marketing this year because it’s how you make your business grow. It’s how you develop the security and independence that rural business can create for you and your farm.

The marketing books (and the CD’s or DVD’s of the marketing seminars) listed in my profile and available at my website—are great places to start, but there are lots of books, many teachers and many resources. Find the ones that speak to you and put in the effort to learn at least the basic concepts of marketing in order to grow your rural business this year.

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